Ceiling fans are attractive and add value to a home, as well as being practical. They’re also popular in many businesses today as a cost-effective way of keeping a large area cool, while adding charm and originality. Because installing a ceiling fan can be a tricky job, it’s recommended for qualified electricians to do the installing, to protect your property and its inhabitants from electrical shocks, fires, and injuries from improperly mounted fans falling to the ground. Many of our Shelton customers had thought they installed their ceiling fan correctly, only to find out later that it didn’t work at all. We encourage you to save yourself time, hassle, and risk, and give Abacoore Electric a call for your quick and affordable ceiling fan installation in Shelton.We have the reputation of being one of the area’s most trusted electrical contractors, with years of experience in safely installing residential and commercial electrical systems, lighting, and ceiling fans. For your protection, we’re fully licensed and insured.

Residential Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans instantly transform a room with a beautiful lighting fixture that circulates cool air in summer and pushes warm air down from the ceiling in winter. They not only add to a home’s value, but they save on utility bills year round. For the proper installation of your new ceiling fans, you can trust Abacoore Electric to do the job professionally and courteously.

Commercial Ceiling Fans

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from ceiling fans. They add a hip and stylish flair to a shop or salon, and industrial ceiling fans help to circulate the air in a large supermarket or warehouse. Ceiling fans of all types will help businesses save on their monthly utility bills. Because installing multiple fans can be difficult and time-consuming, we recommend you call us for your commercial ceiling fan installation in Shelton.

If you’re looking to save on power bills, as well as add beauty and value to your home or business, give Abacoore Electric a call today to set up your consultation on ceiling fan installations.