Renewable energy is one of the biggest topics in society today. With gas and utility prices showing no sign of stabilizing it is important to start planning for your future. Abacoore Electric is here to help the commercial businesses of Shelton become more environmentally friendly while ensuring a less expensive energy bill. Our team of highly educated engineers, technicians and electricians have years of experience aiding the commercial businesses of Shelton gain a brighter future for themselves and their community.The reasons to choose solar power are numerous but here are a few we find the most compelling:

  • Solar power is a renewable and natural resource which does not run out. The supply will always meet the demand as long as you have the right system.
  • Solar power does not pollute. Unlike fossil fuels, solar power does not emit greenhouse gases, carcinogens or carbon dioxide into the environment.
  • Light and energy from the sun is free. Once the equipment is purchased and installed it costs you nothing to run.
  • Solar cells require little maintenance. They have no moving parts it takes a significant amount of time before any repairs are necessary.
  • Solar cells can last a lifetime.
  • Solar power is silent, unlike other forms of renewable energy.
  • Solar power is an investment with a return. Once the initial start-up cost has been taken care of you actually gain profit. You can live off the grid and never pay for another energy bill again!
  • In many cases, if you have a large enough solar system which creates more energy than you need, you can actually sell it to the electric company. That is right, you can get money for something you don’t use or need.

Abacoore Electric has a variety of options to get you the solar panel system you are looking for. Depending on the availability of space on your property we can install ground mounted or rooftop systems. Both ground mounted and rooftop solar panels have their own advantages. Abacoore Electric invites any of the interested commercial businesses of Shelton to give us a call or an email with any questions or concerns you may have.

Don’t wait, start the process today to turn your Shelton property into a self sustaining money saver!